We have Audacious plans for our social, cultural and environmental impact by 2030 and as we emerge as a Top Indian conglomerate, we aim to achieve many meaningful objectives.

The Human Footprint: SARP will educate its employee, investors, management and all stakeholders in the benefits of living, adopting and pursuing sustainable lifestyle in today’s World. We will invest in Green technologies and embrace a responsible and sustainable approach to sourcing and outsourcing.

Compassion: SARP will provide entire diverse employee base with access to affordable healthcare and insurance, holistic well being facilities, care, family support and education. We will also ensure educational and healthcare facilities for our lower income members in an egalitarian and sustainable manner.

Philanthropy: SARP will invest a percentage of its profits towards the welfare of the entire country and then the planet through its charitable trusts and organizations.

Thought Leadership and Mentoring: SARP will give back to the community it lives in by providing free mentorship and entrepreneurial assistance to all citizens who wish to better their lives.

Diversity:  Like all Indian companies we are always struggling to ensure our workplace is fair and just and looks after women, minorities and the physically challenged. It is our belief that a diverse family makes for a richer family.