At SARP to maximize Quality we take a three step approach; researching, planning, and executing. Knowing the attributes of your brand is never nearly enough. It’s critical to understand the competitive environment, payer attitudes, prescriber perceptions, and patient awareness.

We Offer :

  • Develop strategic platforms and brand plans – SARP ensures that a well planned and researched strategic platform serves as the foundation to drive tactical plans and product messaging.
  • Product Attribute Mapping – as a critical part of the brand planning SARP will analyze the market and determine where your brand is positioned ensuring that all product attributes are leveraged.
  • Market Research and analysis – SARP has experience in doing the appropriate market research to develop messaging that will be well received and ultimately drive market share.
  • Create tactical plans to maximize push/pull through at all segments of distribution – SARP focuses on plan level tactical plans to leverage and improve formulary placement.
  • Evaluate return on effort for all initiatives – SARP doesn’t stop at tactical implementation, we work closely with you evaluate return on effort and revise planes on a regular basis
  • Customer segmentation and prioritization – determining who your customers are is on the forefront of SARP does best. We believe that a straight customer declining is not enough to target efficiently.