We, at SARP PHARMACEUTICALS , provide world class healthcare products that improve lives and deliver outstanding values to our customers in majority of Therapeutic Segments and dosage forms to improve health quality of the ailing and delivers outstanding values to all the users.



To Redesign the Global Health Care system by providing High Quality Products for ultimate Customer Satisfaction.



Our vision is to become Globally Number  1 Pharmaceuticals Company and lead the way to a healthier world. We follow our vision at every Department of our organization. Because very shortly, we wish to be recognized as the best pharmaceutical manufacturing company in the world.

We want to :

  • Lead the world for innovation in all Pharmaceutical segments & dosage forms.
  • Grow our Business purely through Trust, Quality, Excellence, Services & Transparency.
  • Improve our efficiency by every day and reach near to perfection in every aspect of business.



For Achieving our Objectives we follow the values set by us :

  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Respect for people
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork



We are committed to excel in Quality of the result and ensure the following :

  • Every assignment delivered in right time (Timely Deliveries)
  • Always differentiate the important work (Setting Priorities)
  • Continuous improvement in our work and Innovation.
  • Best Quality Formulations
  • Newer & Innovative Formulations.
  • Transparency on dealings.
  • Best Possible Services.



We always see what is important for our customers and ourselves.
For this we

  • Always work on Ethics and realize our responsibility towards our products & clients.
  • Always meet our commitments under all circumstances
  • Always follow the rule of Honesty and Confidentiality



We have respect for our employees, our customers and our Society.
Therefore We

  • Respect all our clients equally without any discrimination of big & small.
  • Welcome Newer concepts and keep improvising our present formulations.
  • Encourage individual talents and team work to contribute to the growth of the organization.

Build an environment of trust



We respect people who lead by example at what ever level they work for their :

  • passion and conviction towards responsibilities
  • Anticipation, planning and initiatives
  • Make best use of the talent and resources
  • Responsibility for results



We always give importance to teamwork which means working together for the organization’s Objectives. For this we always :

  • Are attentive to our responsibilities
  • Share our Work, Knowledge and information.
  • Provide combine inputs
  • Take responsibility for results


SARP PHARMACEUTICALS Believes in Continuous developments and improvement for Redesigning the Global Healthcare by way of giving Quality, Innovative and Outstanding products to the World. Continuous efforts are there for Research and Development (R&D) programs for betterment. SARP PHARMACEUTICALS has a habit of improving its Day-To-Day Results.

SARP PHARMACEUTICALS wants to lead the world of Manufacturing & Marketing in virtually every area of Healthcare and wants to be Number 1 in Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals, in all the Therapeutic Segments and dosage forms.


Growth of the Company

  • SARP PHARMACEUTICALS was incorporated in the year 1995.
  • SARP PHARMACEUTICALS has made sustained growth in sales turnover and profitability.
  • SARP PHARMACEUTICALS is professionally managed by the Board of Director who are assisted by a team of Qualified and experienced professional executives.


Success does not make a Company great, what really matters is its contribution towards making life better for everybody.


SARP PHARMACEUTICALS is strong both technically and commercially. In its pursuit of growth with internationally accepted excellent quality health care products; and in its flight for excellence, each achievement is a brief stopover of journey and is not a permanent destination.


Growth with excellence is a continuous process of SARP PHARMACEUTICALS.