SARP has become the Icon of India’s Healthcare; and a Quality Contract Pharma Manufacturer of the Country; with Global Vision.


SARP understands and believes that purpose of Business is :

  1. To create Customers
  2. To retain Customers
  3. To profit from Customers


SARP understands that the essence of business is to create customers; profits will follow; and towards this end the Business Development Department of the company always thrives to attract good customers. Business goes where it is invited; but stays where it is treated well. Retaining the customers is much more important than creating the customers. For retaining the customers, Quality, Timely Supplies, Service & Satisfaction of Customer, Competitive Prices and Innovative Products are necessary purpose of business is to make profit. In a cut throat competition, we sell the products with a reasonable profit.




SARP has created a business model that demonstrates a sustained and clear capacity for creativity and innovation in the development and implementation of its products & services. It is different than others. The business model demonstrates, Innovation in Products, Research & Development, Formulations Development, Development in Process & Packaging, Technological Developments, Sustained improvement in Product Quality, Timely Deliveries, Service & Customer Satisfaction, Competitive environment – Sales Price & Purchase, Sustained Growth with Excellence.



  1. Good quality
  2. Timely Delivery
  3. Fair and Transparent dealings
  4. Willingness to improve
  5. Excellent packaging
  6. Freshness in stocks



Success is a product of team work, respect towards your people, leadership skills, personal integrity, commitment & hard work, continuous improvement, progressive realization of goals and building a community & not a network. The success of an organization is a team effort, playing their role in harmony, under the direction of an able leader.

In its pursuit of growth with internationally accepted excellent quality health care products; and in its flight for excellence, each achievement is a brief stopover of journey and is not a permanent destination of success.